Stuck at home with computer problems?

Get help right now! We have technicians standing by to help you. We built a simple web site for you to get the help you need with your computer without leaving your house.

Dr.Osdicks Innovative Solutions

Let us help you feel safe online.

Residential Services

From on-site home calls, to help with your service provider. Here we have your back.

Commercial Services

Server backups, in office support, remote support, and more to keep your business running smoothly.


Monitored Anti-Virus Protection

We use advanced cybersecurity solutions to scan and protect your system. 


Monitored Systems

We will Monitor your system 24/7 with our software, for any problem like overheating, log errors, or potential hardware failure.


Offsite Backups

We will make real-time offsite backups. So if your system goes down your data will not go with it.


PC Repair

We do in-store repairs on systems for hardware problems and use professional-grade equipment to assess the health of your system.

Why Choose Us


Dr. Osdick's Innovative Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1996. We started with a couple of 8' folding tables, a work-bench, a few tools, and an honorable  idea: That anyone, regardless of what they do or don't know about computers, should have access to expert technicians with the ability to repair their computer and resolve their issues.


Safe & Secure

With our tools and software both your system and data will be safe and you can rest easy.



We never stop working for you, and will always be here for business hours remote support.

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