Dr. Osdick's Innovative Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1996. We started with a couple of 8' folding tables, a work-bench, a few tools and an honorable  idea: That anyone, regardless of what they do or don't know about computers, should have access to expert technicians with the ability to repair their computer and resolve their issues without aggravation and without going broke. We have been providing expert computer repair services in DeSoto County, Mississippi and the surrounding areas ever since.

We have survived in an industry where few succeed because we make every effort to do a good job for you. We will not cut corners and we will not mislead or lie to you. We provide options when they are available and you approve all the work before it is done. You will know how much it will cost and you can decline the work if you choose.

We invite you to look around this site. If you live in or around Southaven, MS, stop by and see us; we look forward to it!

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